the best little fiesta continued.........

15 August 2012 - 1:50pm -- Pete

Amazingly on Saturday morning, people were up to see the young cyclists off on their fiesta tour of the Barranco, and by the time they returned, the bar was open and people were assembling for an afternnon of games, singing and dancing. Laurie was a special hit with the children with his really skilful and artistic facepainting.

In the early evening a short service was held at the little chapel down the track, and then there was a procession to return the 'Virgin' back to the fuenta. Then the band started up and the party started in earnest; and to make sure everyone mingled we had the juego del tornilo, small srews to all the men, small nuts to all the women and you had to try and find a matching pair! The music and dancing continued to breakfast = hot chocolate and churros.

Then on Sunday morning we organised a Hash around the tracks and trails of the Barranco - the Hare 'Puff' laying the flour trail we followed.

A huge paella was prepared over an open fire for everyone to enjoy. The afternoon continued and merged into the evening with more dancing; some comic theatre and a display of Sevilliana by the local dancing school.


Take a look around Casa Erizo in rural Spain with this YouTube video.