Possibly the best little Fiesta in the whole of Andalucia

12 August 2012 - 10:44am -- Pete


Our local fiesta 'kicked off' last night!

This year we have gone all posh! Instead of the large sheets strung between the trees and posts, to help shade everyone from the strong summer sun, we've got a proper metal frame complete with awning. Instead of the electric cable strung over the road from Merrito's casa, we've got a low noise generator to supply the PA system and more importantly the fridges of the bar.

Last night was for the vecinos - the neighbours of the Barranco de Quiles, who assembled under the awning around 10pm. Everyone brought food - rabbit stew; tortilla; serano ham; lamb chops; chicken legs; cheese; russian sald; chorizo and my favourite, thinly sliced aubergines fried in batter. Then Antonio produced a huge water melon, and with an equally impressive knife, sliced chunks of the juicy red flesh for everyone there. The bar was doing excellent trade!

Then the tables were cleared, and the band started to play. Everyone danced under the stars (and the new impressive awning) until the late hours of the early morning.


Take a look around Casa Erizo in rural Spain with this YouTube video.