Nature & Bird Watching

This part of Spain can be really rewarding for those interested in nature – from the spring flowers wild herbs and fungi; the insects and spiders; reptiles and birds, there is always something to see, though to be honest, you do have to be lucky and patient to see some of the large mammals.

While out walking around Casa Erizo I have seen several large mammals – mountain goats; foxes; badgers; wild boar and their smaller cousins, wild pigs. I’ve seen wild cats, but not lynx. I have seen a pole cat though, and I’m pretty sure that early one morning while walking the dogs I came across a wolf. They aren’t supposed to be in this part of Spain, but then neither are pole cats and that was unmistakeable! 

Bird watchers especially, will have a fabulous time here.

The seasons are marked by the birds as they move in and out of the Barranco.

Cuckoos; Nightingales; Woodchat Shrike; Swifts, Swallows, Martins; Golden Orioles; Hoopoes; Bee Eaters; Rollers, Wheatears, Redstarts, Fieldfares  sees us move from spring to winter.

And always, there are the little brown ones that fly fast from bush to bush; the especially shy ones that only appear when ‘experts’ are about and the eagles. What a privilege it is to see the Golden Eagles! 

Heather snapped this one as it flew over the almond blossom. 

and here are some other photos that Mike one of our guests and a keen birder took.

Bee eater

Black eared Wheatear




Unknown eagle

Woodchat Shrike

Take a look around Casa Erizo in rural Spain with this YouTube video.